I’m sorry.

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Fuuuuck me, listen to this man’s tone. If you haven’t heard of Drewsif Stalin, then check out his cover of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball, or maybe Katy Perry’s Dark Horse. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting him at a gig whilst touring in preparation for the UK Tech Fest, and he is a lovely, funny dude, just dripping with talent (And, at the time, sweat.)

I keep reading “SMD” as “Shaking My Dick.”

I am like, eighty percent sure that is not correct.

This is honestly one of my favourite videos right now. Great choice of music, locations, the set ups for the pranks. Hoohah, cheers me right up.

The View From Up Here

This was meant to be something else entirely, but then this happened instead. I hope you guys enjoy orchestral sound building things!

As always, thanks for listening.

Surrounded by incompetents and the dead.

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Anonymous said: Thank you for the quick response, the horns sure add to your awesome cosplay! Ill check out the person you got them from, thanks!

They absolutely do! I tried a couple of ideas, but I just couldn’t figure out a good way to make a foot and a half of horns. Thankfully, there are people far more talented than me!

Anonymous said: Hello :) I just have a question an hope I'm not bothering you But I really love the horns on your GHB! They look so perfect! How did you make/attach/paint them? Thanks for any help :)

Oh jeez, I need to edit those, I forgot to add some really important information! But I’ll tell you here and now, sweet anon!

I absolutely cheated and commissioned them from the fantastic ArtyFakes. They do great, professional work. The horns were some kind of cast foam, and light as anything. They were attached to a head band (With just electrical tape, I think!) and then I threaded that into my wig and bobbie pinned it as much as I could to keep it stable. By the look of them, they were painted with an airbrush! I am, in no way, talented enough to make anything this great. Sorry I can’t be much help, anon!



Top, pants and bracers by Voracious Curator

Horns by ArtyFakes

ghb / signless